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Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design services provided by JB Technical Solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of each client and project. They offer over 20 years of expertise in custom fabrication and industrial design, with a strong network of suppliers for prototyping and production needs. JB Technical Solutions collaborates closely with clients, tailoring their services to ensure that the final component or product meets expectations.

Their wide range of mechanical design services includes CAD drafting, machine design, sheet metal design, weldment design, and molded part design. Working with JB Technical Solutions grants companies access to a broad and deep level of knowledge and experience in design and manufacturing. They utilize state-of-the-art mechanical design tools, possess specialized analysis capabilities, and can quickly expand their workforce to meet short-term goals.

The benefits of choosing JB Technical Solutions for mechanical design are numerous, including increased efficiency and cost savings, reduced time to market, improved product life and performance, and enhanced manufacturability of designs.

JB Technical Solutions follows a comprehensive mechanical design process, involving material and component selection, determining appropriate manufacturing methods, and creating accurate documentation. The drawings produced by JB Technical Solutions convey crucial manufacturing information, such as tolerances, surface roughness, finishes, and bills of material.

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