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Machine Design

JB Technical Solutions Inc. specializes in assisting companies with the design of assembly equipment, offering a wide range of expertise from jigs and fixtures to fully automated material handling systems. With a focus on mechanical design, JBTS collaborates with programmers and motion control experts to deliver comprehensive control systems for the equipment. By working with JB Technical Solutions, companies gain access to the latest design tools, a highly experienced staff, and extensive knowledge in the field.

Their services encompass various aspects of machine design, including the creation of 2D and 3D CAD files, customized jig and fixture design, specification development for machine performance, selection of appropriate motion control components, and seamless integration with motion control suppliers and programmers. JB Technical Solutions also assists in identifying the most suitable sensors and safety switches to ensure process control and operator protection. With a broad network of vendors and programming resources, they can promptly provide the necessary motion systems, sensors, and controls required for the equipment.

Throughout the design process, JB Technical Solutions maintains close collaboration with clients. They initiate the project by creating a functional specification in consultation with the client, gathering detailed information on the components to be handled, and confirming the allocated footprint and location for the equipment. Concept development and testing are conducted, and regular meetings are held to ensure the project progresses on time and within budget. By involving motion control and programming resources early on, JBTS identifies cost-effective components and sensors.

The manufacturing documentation produced by JB Technical Solutions includes accurate and clear drawings that convey essential manufacturing information, such as bills of material, tolerances, surface finish specifications, and finishes like painting, plating, or chemical coatings. Adhering to the drafting guidelines outlined by the ASME standards, JB Technical Solutions ensures that the drawings serve as effective communication tools, minimizing misinterpretation and confusion.

For companies seeking to develop unique and efficient automation equipment, JB Technical Solutions offers their expertise and support throughout the entire process.

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